Friday, March 4, 2011


We have officially arrived! After 16 hours of flight time, another 6 or 7 hours of layover, taxi time, and 9 time zones I am happy to be here.

 It was strange to arrive after dark because until this morning I couldn't really tell you what Africa looked like. Although the first thing I noticed was that it smells really good-like campfires, and tropical flowers. I slept on our flight to Amsterdam but managed to stay up for the flight to Entebbe with the hope being that when we landed at 9pm Uganda time that I'd be ready for bed when I got here. That wasn't exactly the case because I was a bundle of energy when I arrived. We are staying the first few days at an AIM guest house on the property of the regional office. We found a gecko in our bedroom last night and there was a praying mantis in my bathroom this morning. We have beds with mosquito nets and I slept fairly well. However, the minute the sun came up I was up with it and I  got some incredible pictures of my first African Sunrise. (anyone who knows me well is shocked that I woke up earliest). I slept on the porch for a while but still haven't gotten much sleep. I will probably crash early tonight. This morning we learned all about shillings and we went to the bank and exchanged our money. Julie, Bethany, and I also walked up the road a bit where we could see a view of Kampala and Lake Victoria-it was quite beautiful.

So that's just a quick update, I'm gonna try to catch a nap and enjoy the rest of the afternoon. I'm safe, I'm here, I'm looking forward to the adventures God has for me and the story He is writing in Uganda! Thanks for all the prayers!



  1. Great! I know after being in Ethiopia that the extreme poverty is something that takes your breath away. You will be forever changed and I pray that God gives you a soft heart for the people and needs. Do a great work for the Kingdom there as you represent Jesus well!

    - Dave Holland

  2. I am very excited just from reading this!! I hope jetlag doesn't hit you too hard and that you will feel at home as soon as possible.
    We're keeping you in our prayers.

  3. Awesome post! Sounds like everything is going great so far, and we can't wait to see how God uses you on the other side of the world:-)

  4. Lauren--Thanks for the updates. Love hearing about what God has in mind for you. Thanks for going where you heard Him calling. Alisanne & will keep you in our prayers.

  5. So excited for you, Lauren. Can't wait to continue reading about what you're experiencing. Can you believe you're in Africa?! I remember getting off the plane in Ethiopia and just thinking, "Holy cow! I'm in Africa!" Beautiful place. Beautiful people. Sounds like a good fit for you.

  6. This picture (railroad tracks and rooftops) is amazing!