Monday, April 4, 2011

Things white people do

Just got done with my "muzungu" weekend. Which included many activities that only white people do here. Friday night was Julie's birthday so we all went bowling-I'm pretty sure it is the only bowling alley in Uganda and it has four lanes and the place was full of muzungus. On Saturday Bethany, Julie, and I traveled to Jinja (about a 2 hour taxi ride-only $2.00 american!) and met up with some other missionary girls from Tororo. I didn't realize until we got to Jinja that Kampala is so smoggy that you never see stars, but we were able to see all of them in Jinja! it was beautiful! We just sat outside on the edge of the Nile and talked, then Sunday we went whitewater rafting with a company called "Adrift" (google them). It was really fun, we got super wet and really sunburned! Once again that is an activity in the middle of Uganda that hardly any national do-it's all white people! The Nile is really beautiful, great for rafting...however, it doesn't taste very good and I got a few face full's of nile water on our trip.

Work at DP is really busy, I don't get out of the office as much as I would like-but when I do get to see the youth and the kids they know who I am now and I know most of their names! I taught some of the little girls how to do the electric slide the other day (another thing white ppl like to do...) and they tried to teach me some of their dances...I wasn't very good.

It just hit me the other day how fast the time has gone and how little of it I have left! Me and another girl at work who is leaving a week before me have started a list of things we are looking forward to in America (Target, being clean, ice, fast internet...) so we can focus on those instead of how sad we are to be leaving!
A lot of you write and ask me what is Africa like and that is such a hard question to answer. Everything I've written always seems to pale in comparison to the actual experience of being here. There are sounds and smells and just a completely different pulse of life here that I could never describe over text. I might be able to do a better job in person-at least that's what I'm hoping because I do want to share stories and experiences with all of you! Just wait til' I get home for most of them:)

Prayer Requests/Praises
1) Thank God for safe travels this weekend to and from Jinja.
2) I'm incredibly grateful and humbled to even be here and have the opportunity to do the work that I am. I am really blessed and I have an amazing team and friends here.
3) please continue to pray for youth camp which will be at the beginning of may.
4) Please also pray that I'd finish well..that I wouldn't start to pull away because I know I have to leave soon, but that I'd give everything in me to this experience as long as I'm here.

Sorry This is so short-at an internet cafe, got to pay by the 1/2 hour here!
love you all!

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